Saturday, June 16, 2012

Quick Geocache in Stillwater

Today we went down to Stillwater to get me a new phone at the Verizon store, went and had lunch at Eskimo Joes and then decided we would see what cache's were close by. We found one right by Joe's!! Very fun! WOOOHOOO!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Geocaching reports 1-3

1) Our first time trying Geocaching was not a huge success, but we had fun and at least we found 1 out of the 4 we tried. It just happened to be the first one we went too!

The 2nd one we went to was at the Jumbo food store just north of us. We could not find that one. The most memorable thing about that site was that Kile forgot he had his car in gear when he started it and rolled the car on top on my toes and stopped!!! Not on purpose of course, but OH MY WORD it HURT!!! Luckily I didn't have any broken toes!!

Next we went to a walking bridge near Cody's school. No luck there. :-(

The final stop for that day was a site just north of the flight line here at Vance. We couldn't find that one either. There was a lot of sitting water and yucky stuff so we didn't search too awfully hard. Kile did climb over the barbed wire fence and got scrapped...It's like the barbed wire is suppose to keep people out or something... haha

2) Yesterday we went out again. This time without Cody, since he is in CO. We found 1 out of 5. Grrrrrr...we don't like failing. Part of the problem, we think, is that in the area we were looking they have had tornadoes and really bad storms recently. We are thinking they may not be there anymore.

The first site we went to was NOT fun. Kile came out with a tick on him and still no cache. Grrr...Luckily the tick did not bite him!

The first (and only) one we FOUND was at a little church in Lahoma. We found that one!! YAY!! It was a fun one that we think we're going to take Cody back to so he can, "find the treasure."

Between the wind and the heat, my hair looks like poo!
Next was at a baseball field in the trees that had fallen branches all over. No luck...

We did make the most of our trip to Lahoma though. We stopped at the Plainview Winery on our way out of town. Yum! They have some yummy wines!! Not to mention their amazing pickles and cheese! Definitely going back there again! :-D

Then we stopped at a rest area on the way home. There are some concrete tables there. One of which was put there by a boy scout troop in 1994. That is where the next cache was supposed to be, but after looking for a good 30-40 mins we could NOT find it! :-( BUT...Kile felt a little better cause he found a turtle!! And a lizard...but that ran away before I could get a pic of it. Kile is STILL talking about that turtle! haha

Our final stop for the day was at the "Welcome to Enid" sign on the way back into town. We searched high and low and in between and still could NOT find that cache. It was rather disappointing!

3) Today was way more exciting and fun. We found an app for the Android that connects us to all the Cache sites so we did a little more today.

We started off downtown Enid. There was a site called "The Wrong Tree." We were looking for a pinecone, but not in a pine tree! I found it!! I was very excited!!

As you can the pinecone itself fell off or got eaten, but it was still there!! :-)

Next we went to the Enid High School football stadium for that cache, but that one had been taken down.

We went to the baseball fields on the way back to base, where there were 2 different sites. The first one we couldn't find...grrrr, but...

Recording our find!!
We found the last one we went to though at the field.  I was so excited, I found both of the ones today...Kile had to help me get the last one though. It was so cool! we were 2 for 3 today!! YAY! We are getting better!

Kile was excited we found the last one of the day. Can you tell?
We are having so much fun Geocaching!

Well, that's it for right now.  I will do some shorter ones as we go along! :-D

I am so bad at this!! Update for the last year!

WOW!! I am sooooo bad at this whole blogging thing! I can't believe it has been almost a year since my last post! haha

Well...Kile has graduated from UPT after a long hard year! We found out that our next adventure is out at Robins AFB, GA. Kile will be flying the E-8.  It seems like a really cool mission! We were a little nervous at first since it was so low on our list of planes, but we are super excited now and ready for the Air Force to tell us we can go. As of right now we are scheduled to be there mid-Oct this year. We are trying to get it moved up a bit. With the military it is hurry up and wait....

Cody went to pre-K this year at Emmanuel Christian School. He LOVED it!! He learned so much and is getting so smart! I can't believe he will be going into Kindergarten this next year! He turned 5 in April of this year. Where does the time go! As of right now, it looks like I will be home schooling him, at least for the first few months of the year. At least until we get down to GA. The biggest struggle will be getting my strong-willed little man to sit and listen to me and not fuss.

In October last year we got a puppy, Luke. He is a miniature labradoodle. He is so cute and very sweet when he is not being a terror. We are just now getting to a point where we can train him. With Kile is training and me being pregnant most of the year, it just wasn't working. He is getting a little better now...We shall see.....

The biggest change of the past year was the addition of our littlest man, Callen! Callen was born on March 16th of this year. He was 7 lbs 2 oz. He is a super sweet little guy! Totally chill...and has been since he came out. He was born quiet. No screaming or anything till they started wiping him up. He is 13 weeks old today. Boy, talk about time flying! He is a little guy. He is at 9% for weight and 6% for height and 13% for head. haha He doesn't look as awkward as that sounds! He is adorable! Cody LOVES him and Callen loves Cody! Cody just says Hi to Callen and he starts smiling! I sure hope they stay that way growing up!!

We have started some new fun things as a family...namely Geo-caching. We explained it to Cody by saying it's like going on a treasure hunt. He thinks it's fun...when we find them. So I am going to try to keep up with that on here as well.

Well...I think that is the basics of what has happened over the past year. I am going to try to go on from here. Wish me luck!

Monday, July 4, 2011

July 1, 2001

It's Friday morning...the real beginning to a long weekend to celebrate out freedom that has been fought for for so many years! I lie in bed listening to the sounds around me.  I hear the hysterical laughter of my little boy as Daddy tickles him and chases him as he gets woken up and gets ready for the day.  I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family!! I just want to say thank you to my awesome husband and father and all my many friends that have made my freedom to do this possible!! I love you guys and we pray for you every night!!  Have a safe and fun weekend!!

(I tried to update this from my phone, but it came up as nonsense!)

Thursday, June 30, 2011

UPT Wives update

Tuesday this week Kile's flight had a spouses night so we could meet the squadron command and their wives.  They were very nice and the wives from the flights, there are 5 of us, love to get together whenever we can.  We were missing one though. Kirsty was back in Canada waiting for her Visa to come live here full time!!

While we were there the Squadron Commander told us that we should think about taking on a roll to help out the flight. We have to raise money for our 3 big events: track select, assignment night and graduation banquet. Slight pause, one thing I love about Kile and I is that we are on the same wave length a lot of the time! That being said...Kile voiced what I was thinking. "You should do that!" Being that I have had some experience with event planning and such, I volunteered to head up the group and be the main contact person for the events and fundraisers. So, if anyone has any ideas for fundraising, please pass them on. Oh and please be praying for me!! haha

Well, that's about it for now. I'm off to wake up Cody and get some more done around the house before this big 4 day weekend!! Hopefully I'll talk to you all soon!! I'll do my best!

UPT update

Well today marks the end of "15 days." The first 15 days of phase 2. I think Kile would agree that they have been pretty brutal! Kile's flight doesn't have enough IP's (Instructor Pilots) so they don't get to fly as much as the other flight in there class.

Kile was feeling pretty sick for most of the first 15 days, but he got some meds from the flight doc that seem to be helping.  Today he has a couple big tests. One of which we know he already passed.  The other is at 5 pm our time.  Right now he is there trying to study and stay awake. These 12 hour days really take a toll on the guys.

There's not a whole lot more to tell right now. Hopefully I'll have more news soon!

I'm really bad at this!

I warned you that I would probably be bad at this. I tend to have the time, but always forget to post. I now have it on my phone so, maybe that will help.  We have had a lot of adventures this past month. We are still trying to get fully moved in. Some days I wonder if it will ever happen. We still have a garage full of boxes and a guest room full of random stuff we have to find places for. We have a little more motivation this week though, at least for the guest room.  Uncle Mo, Kile's brother Montana, is coming to visit for 10 days on July 9th. We're very excited to have him, now we just need to get ready...Organized!

Most recently Cody went with the playgroup to the Vance Fire Station.  He and the other kids had a great time! The firemen let them climb all over the trucks for over an hour! One of Cody's little friends even flipped a lever an accidentally turned on the water on one of the trucks. hahahaha It was so funny! Gotta love little ones!

Look Mommy! I'm driving!!

Cody made a new friend fast!


This is the truck they use for the flight line.  They showed the kids how it worked. I is a very cool truck!

These are a few of Cody's friends. Will, Johnny, Cody (of course),
Elena, and Emma. :-)

These guys were so great with all the kids!